Course curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. Resource and Material Milady

    3. Vocabulary

    1. Title 40 Professions and Occupations Chapter 13, cosmetology and Cosmetologists

    2. SC code of regulation chapter 35 : board of Cosmetology with 2020 UPDATE

    3. Safety regulation Agencies

    4. Safety Regulation Agency Powerpoint

    5. Infection control safety and Sanitation

    6. Infection control (slide show).pdf

    7. Principle of Prevention for safety and Sanitation

    8. Principle of Prevention (slide show).pdf

    9. Exposure Incident

    10. Exposure Incident Demonstration

    11. Proper Hand Washing

    12. Proper hand washing Demonstration for safety and Sanitation

    13. Barbicide Demostration

    14. Safety & Sanitation Frequently touched surfaces Demonstration

    15. Safety and Sanitation Proper Laundry Storage demonstration

    16. Sanitation cleaning Demo (daily, weekly and monthly)

    17. Principle of Prevention True and False Quiz

    1. Why study Hair Removal?

    2. Hair Removal History

    3. Safety and Sanitation Tips

    4. Why Study Hair Removal Tips.pdf

    1. Proper Methods of Hair Removal

    2. Safety Hair Removal Products

    3. PPE attire for Hair Removal Demonstration

    4. Safety and sanitation - Bed set up demonstration

    5. Safe methods of Hair removal Powerpoint

    6. Safety Risk associated with Methods of hair removal and how to avoid the risk

    7. Client safety-Method of Hair Removal Quiz !

    1. How to safety sugar clients

    2. Safety and Sanitation Sugaring Tips

    3. Sanitation and safety Treatment room Preparation (Slide Show).pdf

    4. Sanitation -Sugaring glove demonstration

    5. How to sanitary pick up sugar

    6. Safety and Sanitation Aseptic Procedures

    7. Aseptic Procedure (Before service) demonstration

    8. How to Sanitary Sugaring demonstration (Arm Sugar)

    9. How to Sanitary Underarm Sugar Demonstration

    10. Aseptic Procedures (after the service) Demonstration

    11. Safety method recommended for Hair removal

    12. Safety and Sanitation -Sugar Quiz !

    1. Module 5 Intro video

    2. Safety and Sanitation tips for waxing

    3. Safety & Sanitation Wax pot Appearance Procedures

    4. Different types of wax demonstration

    5. Different wax pot sizes demonstration

    6. Wax Sticks Sizes for safety

    7. How to safely pick up wax

    8. How to safely waxing underarm demonstration

    9. How to Safety Wax Leg demonstration

    10. How to Safely wax Nose Demonstration

    11. How to safely wax lip Demonstration

    12. Safety and Sanitation wax pot cleaning

    13. Safely Waxing Brazilian/ bikini flow chart

    14. Safety and Sanitation waxing Tips

    15. Safety Waxing and Sugar Tips

    16. Which method is recommended for safety

    17. Safety and Sanitation Waxing Quiz !

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